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 After consultation, the two parties signed this merchants settled agreement on the principle of fair, just, equality, voluntary, reciprocity. The  specific contents are as follows:

    Ⅰ.:Content of the Agreement:

1. The account number and password registered by Party A shall be kept in custody by Party A. Party A shall bear the legal responsibility for all activities and events carried out by its user account. Party A shall not bear any responsibility.

2. Party A shall ensure that product information uploaded on the online shop of Party B is legitimate, true and accurate. Party A shall be responsible for resolving any disputes arising from the problems of the commodity information provided by Party A, and Party A shall be responsible for the compensation if Party B gets losses caused by Party A.

3. Party B is only responsible for the management of the network to provide basic services, and all matters related to the sale of goods (shipping, maintenance, quality assurance, returns, etc.) shall be the responsibility of Party A.

Ⅱ. Explanation of the Agreement

1. The specific content of the network management services provided by Party B is based on the actual situation.

2. Party A shall explicitly consent that the risk of the use of its network management services will be entirely at their own risk.

3. Party B shall have the right to temporarily or permanently amend or terminate this Agreement (or any part) at any time without any liability, regardless of whether or not it is notified to Party A and to any third party .

4. Party A agrees to enjoy the corresponding rights and bear corresponding obligations in accordance with the terms and conditions of the registration(search on the

Ⅲ. Supplementary Provision

  1. The price list annex

       1.1 Merchants settled in Party B shall promptly provide the latest price list of the product and affix the official seal or the signature and seal of the company.

       1.2 In principle, the price offered by Party A to Party B shall be the same as the price list. Party A shall promptly notify Party A the changes of the price or product and affix the official seal or the signature and seal of the company.

       1.3 Party A shall pay trading commission to Party B and it has nothing to do with the price list.

     2. This contract is made in duplicate, and Party A and Party B respectively has one copy, which shall become effective and have the same legal effect after being signed and sealed by both parties. The original copy of the contract scan, copy and the original contract has the same legal effect.

     3. Party B has the right to cancel the agreement with merchants who not abide by the agreement; if Party A in violation of national policies or regulatory requirements, the management of Party B shall have the right to terminate in advance.

     4. In order to guarantee the regular operation, Party B shall do regular or irregular maintenance; if the conditions above affect Party B’s performance of this agreement, Party A shall understand. Party B shall reduce the adverse effects to a minimum.

     5. The party may suspend its obligations of this Agreement in the event of majeure , until the effect of the majeure is eliminated, and in this case, the party shall not be responsible for the breach of the contract. But should do its utmost to overcome the incident and mitigate its negative effects.