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 How to deal with disputes during the trade?

Ⅰ.The following behaviors of members belong to breach of contract:

1. The purchaser dose not pay the payment of goods and other fee within the prescribed time.

2. The seller dose not deliver the goods in time according the contract without any reason.

3. Apart from the gojoyer and warehouse provide products with defect, but the customer still purchase the goods after the platform has described the excited defect or the goods were damaged because of force majeure, accident or responsibility of third party.     

4. Other acts of break the regulation of the contract.      

Ⅱ.The gojoyer prohibit following acts:

1. Obstruct staffs of gojoyer to perform their duty.

2. Slander the reputation and destroy the property of the platform.

3. Maliciously disturb the order of the platform, for example false trade.

4. Other acts breaking the regulation of the contract.  

Ⅲ. The platform will not accept the dispute arising from the reasons of buyers and sellers rather than the platform in principle, and the buyers and sellers will resolve their own disputes through negotiation.

Ⅳ. The member should keep the account and password safe. All adverse consequences should be undertaken by itself.


Remarks: the gojoyer has right to modify the regulations if necessary, and it will take into effect after announcement on the platform.        



 I am a buyer, how to find goods quickly ?  

The search function in the home page can help you find the product you want quickly and  accurately.

Ø  Step 1: You can input the product name in the search box, pipe01 search system will automatically match corresponding keywords and provide detailed product information. Click “search”button to jump to the results page.

Ø  Step 2:

Go to the search results page, you will see a lot of search-related products.



What if the seller take the money and just completely disappear/run away?

We have filing in relevant departments and the office is our own property. Therefore we are have no where to run.

Can we deal online?

We cannot completely change the existing trading methods, but we will slowly guide into it. Currently Gojoyer does not support online payment, but we will achieve the online payment function next year.

How to do fake goods?

All of our businessmen have to submit the corresponding tax number to put an end to these situations.