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About us

Gojoyer Technology (Pty) Ltd. is an Internet based B2B (Business to Business) e-commerce platform. We are focused on wholesale trading and are committed to solving problems and providing balanced information to our clients. Additionally, Gojoyer aims to improve communication between buyers and sellers, eliminate poor trade caused by security problems and improve the sales and reach of your business on our platform.

The company has a sound technical services team, marketing team, media planning team and mature e-commerce business model. Gojoyer has a secure and reliable website and payment system. We are involved in numerous industries in the interest of providing more orders for the seller and more convenient service for the buyer.

Our slogan:

Gojoyer, enjoy

Our mission:

To provide high-quality services to more than 50 thousand businesses in the south of Africa and improve trade in the interest of economic prosperity.

Our role:

We provide an e-commerce trading platform which allows wholesalers and small businesses to connect, share and trade with ease and at lower rates.

Why choose Gojoyer:

Gojoyer Technology (Pty) Ltd. is a successful entity internationally with a mature and experienced Internet business model, a strong technical background and excellent service and marketing teams. Furthermore, Goyjoyer is the only online wholesale trading platform in South Africa. Thus, the company has support from the South African government as a force which combats South Africa’s high levels of unemployment and as a contributor to economic growth.

Marketing capabilities:

· SEO on Google

· Marketing of your business and products on social media and through other digital media outlets

· Promotion of your business and products on our Website

· Ability to connect buyers with the sellers of their desired products and vice versa

· Promotion activities

· Mail delivery

Benefits for sellers:

We experience massive user browsing and traffic on our website, this combined with our reach into numerous regions and neighboring countries grants sellers a large and diverse audience which greatly aids your business’s income and exposure. Additionally, our order capacities link you and your products directly to consumers allowing for easy and safe exchanges. Gojoyer Technology (Pty) Ltd. also offers clients secure branding capabilities free from security threats and boasts an independent second-level domain name.

Benefits for buyers:

Using our platform allows buyers to compare products with ease and enables them to find what it is they want at prices which work for them. We provide one-stop for a consumer’s every need, thus saving you (the consumer) time, energy and money. Gojoyer Technology (Pty) Ltd. gives you multiple sources to choose from, accurate information on products and businesses and you can count on us to ensure excellent quality and reasonable prices.


We pride ourselves in having created a simple, efficient and cost-effective e-commerce platform which caters for the needs of wholesalers, retailers and consumers. As trade volume rapidly increases on our platform, we exist as an entity which promotes economic growth and prosperity whilst injecting new impetus into the process of international trade and exchange.


What if you get the money then run away?

We have filed in relevant documents which bind us to lawful behavior and the office space is the property of Gojoyer Technology (Pty) Ltd.

Can we pay online?

Yes, we use Payfast which is a secure online payment system.

How to do fake goods?

All of our clients have to submit the corresponding tax number.

When can we see the benefits?

We guarantee no less than 2000 people browsing on the platform and 100+ telephone consultations from customers within one year.

Future development:

On the basis of trust from customers, we will use online payment before the end of next year to increase trade and reduce unnecessary admin.

Combine with banking services to provide loans to the business that needs working capital.

Combine with the technical services of logistics companies to effectively check goods in a timely manner.

Combine with insurance companies to provide appropriate insurance services for each order.

Thank you for your interest in our company. We hope to provide better services for you, and ultimately improve your business.

Gojoyer, Enjoy!