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Celebrate the establishment of Gojoyer
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 Dear customer:

We thank you for your support and trust for Gojoyer Technology(Pty.) Ltd.. We are a first B2B platform for the exchange of products, services or information (aka e-commerce) between businesses in SA.We will provide more professional technology, more high-quality services, and more effective responds to you in the future. we hope we can help you to make your business easier and make your life more beautiful.




感谢您一直以来对管交网的信任和支持。我们是南非首家致力于同过电子方式实现货物、服务及信息流通的B2B 平台。在未来,我们将以更加饱满的热情,更加精湛的服务技术,更加完善的服务质量为客户提供优质、高效的服务。我们坚信,我们一定能让您的生意更便捷,让您的生活更美好!