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2018 The trade war between China and the United States began

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Note: The president of the United States, Trump, is cashing in on the commitment to take a tough trade stance against China du

The president of the United States, Trump, is cashing in on the commitment to take a tough trade stance against China during the campaign.

In 2017, the total number of US trade disputes over China increased to a peak of 51. Since this year, the trade war between China and the United States has become more and more imminent.

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Since its election in 2016, Trump has publicly publicized his tough stance on China's trade policy. He advocated a tariff of up to 45% on Chinese imports during the election campaign.

Since this year, the United States has made frequent trade strikes to China. In February 28th, Trump submitted the first trade policy report to the US Congress, and further expounded the radical protectionist policies.

Recently, the Trump administration is preparing for the Chinese exports to the U.S. to impose high tariffs, and restrictions on investment in Chinese mico, may also limit China citizens to the United States visa. The move may be announced on March 22nd or 23 on the eastern part of the United States. Measures may include tariffs on information technology, communications and consumer goods in China, and the total annual tariffs will be at least 30 billion dollars or 60 billion dollars. The range of products will involve electronic products, clothing, shoes, toys and so on.

"Unfair trade competition" in the fear of losing public opinion, many American enterprises even call for the cancellation of China's tariff plan

A number of retail and footwear giants in the United States sent letters to President Trump on Monday. They expressed concern about the latter's plans to impose tariffs on goods imported from China, which would lead to rising prices in the US and urged him to cancel the plan.

24 large retail trade agreement including WAL-MART, Shang trump Taghit, best buy and Messi department store, urging him not to impose steep tariffs on imports from China.

They said in the letter, "any additional extensive tariffs will punish the wage families in the US, causing the prices of their basic household products, such as clothes, shoes, electronics and household goods, to rise.

In another joint letter, 82 shoe companies including Nike, Genesco, Payless ShoeSource, Under Armour, Shoe Carnival and Weyco also expressed their concerns about Trump's plan.

They said that the US has imposed punitive tariffs on footwear products imported from China, and if we further increase tariffs on that basis, "it will mean a rise in the cost of footwear consumers and a decrease in US employment opportunities." "Taking into account the price sensitivity of our products, any additional cost rise will directly affect the competitiveness of our products."

The American clothing and footwear industry has joined a growing number of American companies on Tuesday against US President Trump on tariffs on Chinese goods. The American clothing and Footwear Association (AAFA), with 16 other related corporate groups, sent a letter to the White House, calling on the United States not to impose tariffs on Chinese goods. Many members of AAFA rely on imports.

The latest news, the Ministry of Commerce (MOFA), says the WTO has ruled against the US government's tariffs on China. The Chinese side urges the United States to correct the misuse of trade measures.

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