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How to promote clothing creatively

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Note: Some people say that promotion can boost sales, which is not only a good way for the brands to develop their market, but

Some people say that promotion can boost sales, which is not only a good way for the brands to develop their market, but also a trump for the terminal suppliers to increase sales. However, after several years of competition between brands and terminal suppliers, promotion  has gradually lost its power as a marketing tool. The similar sales method, making discounts as well as sending gifts, are lack of creativity, which makes consumers feel numb and not interested in promotional activities like before. Therefore, the current terminal promotion is made year by year without creativity, which seems that it has lost its own function and made people confused.So, how to make the promotion successful? This article will explain the promotion from the various respects with the willing to give some reference to the clothing industry.

clothing creatively

The way of promotion


There are a lot of methods of promotion such as present, discount, joint promotion, theme promotion, try-on, bonus points, cashback, flash sale, community promotion, on sale promotion etc. These promotional activities have their own advantages and disadvantages. How to use these promotional methods flexibly depends on many factors such as local consumption environment, customs and habits. Besides, these promotions can't be completely copied, so the terminal suppliers should make effective promotions according to their

consumption characteristics. Therefore,we can make good promotional activities only if we adapt the local conditions, .


Increase in the intensity of promotion 

Bargain-seeking is a major feature of consumers. Therefore, we should give full consideration to this feature when making sales promotion, so that we can make sales promotion successful. A few days ago, a new home clothing brand, made an "one rand to buy a set of home clothes" activity. Because the promotion intensity is unprecedented, it attracted many consumers to line up in front of the door before the store opening. In that day, the store was a sea of people. On  one hand, the brand made it known by the public and left a good image through this activity. On the other hand, it can quickly open the market and lay a good foundation for subsequent business.

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