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How to make an effective promotion? Sales promotion plan is ready for you

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Note: 1. How to make a promotion planGenerally speaking, a basic promotion plan should at least include the following contents

1. How to make a promotion plan


Generally speaking, a basic promotion plan should at least include the following contents.

Foreword: mainly refers to the simple market background analysis, market dynamics and so on.


Promotion time: generally, it is arranged in a particular holiday day, with the consideration of the length of weekend and holiday. And it should be arranged flexibly according to the budget of the promotional.

Promotion purpose: there is always a goal to do things. It’s no doubt that sales promotion has its own purpose. What kind of results do terminal promotions want to achieve? To improve sales or to contain competitors? It must be emphasized when making plans.


Promotion theme: the theme is the key and core that should be expressed in the promotion activities. The promotion activities can be effectively spread only if the theme is concise and intelligible to attract consumers and promote.

Promotion content: this is the core of the promotion. What is the specific content of this promotion? What kinds of methods should it take? These must be clearly described in the plan.

Implementation steps: such as the display methods of the gift, display methods of POP promotion and so on. It can also make a calendar for detail. It’s also important to arrange a production cycle to make the gifts, so that it can carry out promotional activities in time.


2. Promotion and Implementation

  The implementation of sales promotion is very critical. Different execution ways made by the same store can bring different results. It would be better if you could make some ads. For example, if you do some advertising with the media, you can attract popularity. In the execution of sales promotion, the terminal suppliers should first carry out a systematic division of specific labors. only when the staffs have their clear tasks, can a promotion hold orderly. Otherwise, if there are too many people, it’s easy to become disorder and the effect of the promotion will be greatly discounted.

3. Effect feedback of promotion activities


The specific effect of a promotional activity is judged by the market. After the end of the activity, the terminal suppliers should collect relevant information in a time, then analyze the effect and summarize the problems, so that the next promotion activities will be easy to hold. In this way, the operation skills of the terminal suppliers will highly enhance.

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