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Hairs E-commerce Report In South Africa

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Note: Each kind of hairpieceswill face to different markets,which aremainly divided into: high-end market, middlemarket and lo

Each kind of hairpiece will face a different market, which are mainly divided into: high-end market, middle market and low-end market. Different user groups of hairpieces also have varied requirements in brand and quality. Therefore, how to deal with the differences in customers’ requirements becomes a big issue for B2C sellers.

South Africa Hair E-commerce

Demand in high grade market for hairpieces accounted for 20% of the total market demand, which has a great impact. So knowing the requirements of the high grade hairpieces, users will help you promote your business.

1. The Caucasians are particularly strict with the hairpieces, especially in the wearing of hairpieces, which means that the hairpieces should be of fine workmanship. At present, the body wave hair is still popular in the South African hairpieces market. Africans are more interested in big waves, dreadlocks and cuvy hair.

2. High grade bundles market is very strict to the Remy series, the hairpiece made of 100% real human hair. Generally the Caucasians and Africans have a big need for Remy. The users of the middle grade hairpieces represent the largest proportion of total users, so the middle grade hairpieces are in great demand. Therefore, B2C sellers of hairpieces should take the opportunity to consider a cost leading strategy and win by quantity.


The low grade hairpiece products mainly containing hair products, hair and chemical fiber products and low grade hair products, which by demand, occupy about 20% of the total market demand. Hairpiece sellers should be aware of the quality dispute of the low grade products. For example, the good should be the same quality and exterior as its sample.


The prospects of South African hairpiece international e-commerce market are good. At the same time, the market competition will be more and more intense with the development of the international e-commerce platform.


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